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Halloween Bomb Drop 2004

A recap of the Highlights of the CD Bombrop @ Houghton Park in N. Long Beach, Channel St., and Barfly’s Mini & Halloween Party. Video Clips, Photos, and Results.

Halloween Bomb Drop 2004

Photos: Mr. Z., J. Greenwood
Words: J. Greenwood

This year Barfly threw out the idea of having a Halloween Party at his ramp and we built of that to plan a full day skatejam concluding at his backyard miniramp. This is a killer idea! We can kinda have a ‘Burnside Halloween Party’ at Channel Street, wear funny costumes, drink a bunch of beer and skate our asses off.
Well you throw the CD crew a bone and let the comedy ensue! The 2nd CD Bomb Drop soon followed:

1st stop of three was at the new ‘Houghton Skatepark’ in N. Long Beach. Most of us hadn’t been to it yet so everyone was pretty excited to check it out. Rockin’ Ron and Moe picked me up and whisked me away early Sat. A.M. to get a head start on the crowd down there. Aside from the crowded bowl everything was a blast. Some costumes made it out and all were rewarded with a Best of CD DVD. I saw 3 convicts, a baseball player, afroman (lots of them because the wig was getting passes around – funniest was the Afro’d Pineapple), a Lady Bug, a masked marauder, an orange peel, and me Count Dracula. The session got pretty heated up and crowded towards the end but was super fun none the less. We left and the locals breathed a sigh of relief as the freaks were gone.

A quick beer and food stop was in order at a mexican food joint. Drunk, freaky looking skaters, talking at volume 10 at 2 in the afternoon put the other patrons on edge, but we couldn’t sit around for too long because Channel Street was calling. We get their and basically have the park to ourselves. Except some bearded girl was skating in a dress and swears she knows us. Dales skating in a dress had us all laughing our asses off. Pictures, video, beers and skating were the rule of the day here to. No complaints. We were eventually joined by some of the locals who also were wondering what the f- was going on. No sooner had they joined in when it was time to go settle in up the street at Barfly and Bam Bam’s for the miniramp jam.

More partyers, costumes, friends, ghouls, and ladies were already in party mode at the ramp. We skated, drank, ate some killer snacks from Bam Bam, and had a seriously good time. The place was jumping and the neighbors were hating. Barfly showed off his sweet new waterfall lamp in the living room which was great to unwind to the sounds of water and birds! Killer day ya’ll I hope you had as much fun as I did. Check out all the photos and videos through the links below.

Halloween Bomb Drop Video Clips
Rocking Rons Houghton Video Clip

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Bozies Channel Street Video Clip
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