Girls Combi Pool Party 2019 – Recap/Results

Girls Combi Pool Classic 2019

The Girls Combi Pool Classic took place this past weekend at the illustrious Combi Pool in the Vans Skatepark in Orange California. It brought out a lot of the best ladies bowl riders from around the globe to battle it out for a hefty prize purse of $65,000 USD in the Pro division.

The top spots were a battle between new comers like Cocona Hirak and Sakura Yosozumi and skilled veterans like Lizzie Armanto and Alysha Le. It was an amazing battle for the cash with extremely young and talented Cocona Hirak making a difficult line repeatedly and Lizzie going for broke with a few gems grabs from deep in her bag of tricks like the Backside Crail slide.  I think that may have put her to the top because it was too close to call on my score card.


1Lizzie Armanto
2Sakura Yosozumi
3Jordyn Barratt
4Cocona Hiraki
5Poppy Starr Olsen
6Allysha Le
7Bryce Ava Wettstein
8Nicole Hause
9Hunter Long
10Gabrielle Brownfield


1Jordan Santana
2Michelle Yoon
3Tuli Lam
4Catherine Marquis
5Nicole Noller


1Karen Muto
2Lilly Stopephasius
3Indiana Barnard
4Daniela Terol Mendez
5Ruby Lilly

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