Girls Combi Classic – 2016

The Girls Combi Classic went down again this weekend and once again it was a great time. There was a nice influx of new competitors in the ranks and some moving up the ranks to make a severe impact. Most notibly was Poppy Starr who won her first Pro event she entered. Also very notable that there were a whole crew of girls who came up from Brazil to give it a go and they killed it!


winners pro



1 – Poppy Starr

2- Nora Vasconcellos

3 – Lizzie Armanto


winners am 15up

Am – 15 and over

1 – Jordyn Barratt

2 – Yndiara Asp

3 – Hanna Zanzi

winners am 14 down

Am 14 and under

1 – Dora Varella

2 – Spencer Breaux

3 – Bryce Wettstein

The rest of the results are here: World Cup Skateboarding