Exposure 2014 – Recap & Highlights

2014 Exposure on November 8th was a fatastic event and drew the largest crowd and competitive field of women to date at an Exposure event. The main goal of the event is to  grow the base of female participation in skateboarding and to help raise funds for survivors of domestic violence. With a slew of new sponsors and larger participation in the event they garnered $20,000 for the pro Vert and Bowl competitions, and accomplished their goals in great fashion.

There is a great description of the event in the Press Release (Click Here) so I will keep my write-up breif and with pictures 🙂

julie  westfall

Julie Westfall


Arianna Carmona is a blur of colors, I caught her mid slide and roll. 6th Place Pro.


Jordyn Barratt frontside grind reverts. 1st Place Bowl and Vert in 15 and Over amatuers.

amelia brodka

Amelia Brodka, frontside D,. and 4th place Pro Bowl.


Hannah Chumley spotting her grind. 2nd Place Am Bowl 15 and Over

poppy olson

Poppy Olson, tuck knee invert.  1st Place Amateur Bowl – 14 and Under.

lizzie armanto bowl

Lizzie Armanto had one hell of a day starting with winning the Pro Bowl event….



Justyce Tabor

Justyce Tabor slicing by me on the lip

sarah backd

Sarah Thompson – Looking in a gnarly Backside Disaster.

alysha bergado bowl

Allysha Bergado has smooth style on lock down. 3rd place in the Pro Bowl with a lien air

After the Bowl competition the it was time for a little break in the action, only the break just had more action. It was a Happy 50th Birthday tribute session for one of the most legendary bowl skaters ever, Steve Caballero. The best Frontside Invert session ensued for about 30 minutes. Lizzie Armanto threw a couple down for the ladies and got ‘best’ prize, and several of the guys were throwing them. Daniel Cuervo made some stellar ones and got the prize!

daniel cuervo

Daniel Cuervo’s winning FS Invert style reminded me of Jeff Phillips R.I.P.

After the Frontside Invert Jam the attention was turned to the vert ramp. Putting yourself through one contest on any given day is rough, but this day there were two. A few of the girls opted out of the vert ramp comp, but a few new ones gave it a go. Once the judges and MC got set it was tome to roll, there was money on the line!!


Dave Duncan the MC, and judges (l to r) Adrian Demain, Mike McGill, Jean Rusen, Aaron Astorga, very attentive.

Franzi Stolz

Franzi Stoles came all the way from Basel Switzerland to shred the vet comp. She got 9th Place.

gaby ponce vert

Gaby Ponce can fly! Air to Fakie to 2nd place in pro vert!

alysha bergado vert

Allysha Bergado andrecht and 4th place in vert

lizzie armanto vert

Lizzie Armanto Top Rip Rider of the day!!! Stalefish to 1st place in vert!

beverly flood vert

Beverly Flood 8th place in Pro Vert

poppy olson vert

Poppy Olson – 1st place Amateur Vert – 14 and Under, mute air

 Brighton Zeuner

Brighton Zeuner, 10 years old and second place in Amateur Vert – 14 and Under