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andrew mercado
andrew mercado
andrew mercado
andrew mercado
andrew miller
andrew miller

Once we rolled up to the front gate of the Etnies skatepark in Lake Forest, California I was met by a very busy Nick Gates, who described it best by saying, I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. He quickly hooked us up and ran off to go get the contest started. We walked in the park and headed over to bowls because we weren’t too interested in watching little kids flail around the flow course while their dads who haven�t skated in 20+ years try to little league coach them into skating a good run.

We sat our gear down near the combi bowl and starting getting ready to skate. Andrew Mercado, Andrew Miller, Daniel Vargas, and a few other people were already sessioning the bowls, and we wasted no time jumping in and skating with them. Concrete Disciples soldier Ray Zimmerman or better known as MRZ was on hand shooting pics and running back and forth shooting both the contest and the bowl session that was taking place. Like the great journalist I am I did not pay much attention to the contest due to the fact I was preoccupied with skating the skull bowl, but you guys will forgive me. Right?

For those who care:
10 and Under

1. Alec Gaie 162
2. Chris Brunner 161
3. Alize Montes 155
4. Christian Douville 151
5. Parker Hendry 144
6. Travis Tan 141
7. Griffin Chase 138
8. Preston Hendry 132
9. Shane Stavron 130
10. Jake Eaton 129
11. Zach Saraceno 127
12. Cannon Birch 125
12. Topher Inman 125
12. Justin Cerrone 125
13. Haley Kindstrand 123
13. Trent Bowman 123
14. Chase Laughlin 122
15. Macy Eaton 121
16. Jon Hicks 70
17. Steven Mancuso 60

After the 10 and under group finished the next two divisions were kinda one big blur too me, probably because they mostly contained 7.75 and under decks with lots and lots of kickflips. I did hear that there was incident involving a sponsored skater sneaking into the un-sponsored group. I think everyone is ok and didn’t see anyone crying too hard, so I think we’re alright. People skated and trophies got handed out. Here are the results:

1. Ashanti Rand 160
2. Aidan Campbell 159
2. Jon Jon South (DQ) 159
3. Kody Deloria 158
4. Spencer Middleton 142
5. Josh Drew 144
6. Arash Nikkah 139
7. Praise Morris 138

16 – 18
1. Billy Thompson 178
2. Cody Rosecrans 177
3. Scott Hoezel 151
4. Mike Desiano 148
5. Dominic Lerma 145

Sean Rossmiller

Next up was the 18 and over group which was pretty funny, because some of the people in the group didn�t know there were in it until their names got called. One of the great joys in life is putting your friend�s name down for contest without him knowing. Regardless of how long before hand the skaters knew they were in the contest, everyone skated good and appeared to have a fun time. Here are the results that everyone already knows.


1. Shane Cox 165
2. Andrew Mercado 162
3. Sean Rossmiller 159
4. Evan 154

After the 18 and over group finished the sponsored group started practicing. Everyone had been waiting for this group, which looked to be biggest of the day with lots of incredible skating. This group was also very diverse in the age of the skaters, and it could be quit possible that some skaters were half the age of others in the group. Regardless of age everyone ripped and this was a great contest. Highlights include Andrew Wiskus going down the ‘Rollercoaster’ backwards on his butt. Another local blew everyone away by ollieing off the vert wall to flat. There was also a good mix of vert and street skaters in this group. In the end it was a street skater who took it, but watch out for skaters like Andrew Miller (2nd) and Daniel Vargas(4th). These guys were among the youngest in the sponsored group, but placed pretty well considering who else was in the group. I wouldn�t be surprised if they start winning contests pretty soon.
Here are the contest results for those who take this way too seriously:

1. Tyler Henley 172
2. Andrew Miller 168
3. Shane Porter 167
4. Daniel Vargas 166
4. Chandler Raessner 166
5. Andrew Wiskus 165
5. Danny Greene 165
5. Aaron Paco Amante 165
6. Joseph Upton 160
7. Mitch Brusco 152
8. Corey Minderhout 150
8. Julie Kindstrand 150
9. Timmy Lopez 148
9. Mike Greene 148
10. Nick Peckenpaugh 144

Dan Colburn
Dan Colburn

The last group of the day was the masters. I think this may have been the coolest division considered the winner (Dan Colburn) won the contest with a full arm cast. All of the skaters in this group skated really well, especially because most of them haven’t been that far from pool coping in awhile. This may have been a small group, but the skating was very close, and I definitely would not want to be a judge for this division. Again the results for whatever reason:

1. Dan Colburn 160
2. Mike Hirsch 150
3. Jason 149
4. Dave Kindstrand 145
4. Eddie Hadvina 145
5. Chris Stupp 140

Mike Hirsch
Mike Hirsch

In the end this was a great contest, and a big thanks to Nick Gates and the city of Lake Forest for putting this contest together. Thanks to all the sponsors also who donated product. And to all those clueless little skaters who got in my way; move next time! See ya next contest.