Feature Article

Destroy the Terrordome 2

Feb. 27 2016 – Backyard ramp raging was back on the map in Riverside CA in Nick Daiello’s wooden bowl known as ‘Terrordome’. The place was hoppin’ with brews, bands, burgers, and lots of shredding in the bowl. It was great to see a bunch of old time Concrete Disciples heads out supporting the event! 



1st Place – Shaun Ross

2nd – Charlie Blair

3rd – Adrian Hernandez

4th – Ron Yerman

5th – Nick Daiello


1st – Skyler Groholsky

2nd – Kevin Hewitt

3rd – Noah Johnson


1st – Evan Doherty

2nd – Seth Sanders

3rd – Daymein Hertenstein


1st – Bryce Wettstein