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Channel St. Benefit Show

All $1,300 of the proceeds raised went directly to the S.P.S.A. (San Pedro Skatepark Association)…

Channel Street is coming along nicely and has been in the ‘go stage’ for a pour of the new bowl. While the enthusiasm and labor have been in place, the funds have not. Enter Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse. Once again they opened their doors to those of us who were ready see some kick-ass music while supporting the cause of skateboarding in our small port town. For the mere sum of $5 a head we had the opportunity to watch bands such as Mike Watt and the Secondmen, Death Harbor, Too Rude and the Smutt Peddlers! All $1,300 of the proceeds raised went directly to the S.P.S.A. (San Pedro Skatepark Association) to aid the development of the skatepark. Thanks to all the heads that kicked in some dough, the bands that played and Sacred Grounds for making it happen.

T-shirts and Stickers for the Channel Street Cause
You can never go wrong with a benefit or show shirt. Stop being so cheap and pick one up at the next event you hit up! These stickers were all over the place. While Pedro does kick ass…is it better than sex?

Mike Watt donating to the cause - That rules!

Mike Watt is a Pedro head that loves to make music. We love him for doing it.

The Smutt Peddlers rule completely!

The Smutt Peddlers rule completely! Pay them homage!

The Slam Pit seeing a little action.

The Peddlers stirred up the crowd and freaked out the management (it is a coffee shop, not a club) and the show came to a brief halt. It was resolved that the band could continue to play as long as everyone mellowed out a bit. You could tell that the Peddlers were a little twisted about it, but the sacrifice by the crowd allowed us all to reap the rewards of a full set of bitchin’ punk.

If you would like to contribute or see what else is going on visit the San Pedro Skatepark Assoc. website.