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All Girl Skate Jam – Hawaii 2004.

The Royal Order – Hawaii

All Girl Skate Jam

Photos by Patty Segovia

Words by Jessica Starkweather

 All the Happenings - All Girl Skate Jam
All the Happenings – All Girl Skate Jam

So this was the first contest like this for most of us ladies. Usually the contest is on wood, vert, or street, and most of the time it involves the guys. It was probably the gnarliest concrete bowl session in the history of women’s skating. The energy was high and everyone was throwing down. Not only were we in Hawaii, but we had all our friends together in a private back-yard bowl.

Cara-Beth, who I have looked up to for years, was blasting huge airs, big grinds and pulling all sorts of tricks out of the bag. Nicole Zuck, my partner-in-crime was charging Oregon style, full speed with huge grinds everywhere, no mercy on the pool coping. Kim Peterson always hypes the session with her “all out no hold’s” barred attack, straight commando style. Heidi Fitzgerald had the bowl wired with ollies and grinds. Amber Cangliose, another Oregon ripper had smooth style and killer frontside carve grinds. Mimi Knoop was throwing down some mean inverts and blasting ollies out of the deep. Pretty much all the girls were rip riding.
And then when it was done instead of giving everyone a number we all got props which is what made this event so rad. Everyone got a “Best something”.

Mimi Knoop - All Girl Skate Jam
Mimi Knoop – All Girl Skate Jam

CB Burnside “Best Trick”

Apryl Woodcock “Best Up and Comer”
Nicole Zuch “Best Flow”
Kim Peterson “Best Grinds”
Isabelle Caudle “Best Mom/Teacher Skater”
Mimi Knoop “Best Invert”
Caylen Dakin “Best Rip n’Style”
Amber Cangliose “Best Style”
Cnaan Omer “Best Frontside Carve”
Elissa Steamer “Best Fakie Rock in Pool”
Heidi Fitzgerald “Best Hits on the Pool”
Jessica Starkweather “Best Most Powerful Ripper”

Jessica Starkweather "Best Most Powerful Ripper" - All Girl Skate Jam
Jessica Starkweather “Best Most Powerful Ripper” – All Girl Skate Jam

There is one women who is looking out for the ladies, Patty Segovia, has dedicated a lot of years into promoting women’s skateboarding. I would like to personally thank her for putting on the best non-test I have ever been to.

Once we found out that the contest was a jam I could actually enjoy the days prior to the event. Every time you have to do a contest that dread feeling looms over you until its done. This time we could actually relax, enjoy Hawaii, and have one of the funnest sessions I have ever been involved in.

I would like to thank Peggy Oki for coming out to support us, and being the innovator for all of us. Also Jay Adams, Tony Alva, and Jesse Martinez for supporting us as well, it’s so nice to have such amazing legends becoming a part of the women’s skateboarding revolution. Also the ladies from Royal Order Jewelry, together with AGSJ they flew thirteen of the top bowl riders to Hawaii! We all got Royal Order goodie bags, really nice AGSJ/Royal Order hoodies and a fine silver AGSJ pin, and so much positive support. Cheryl and Marilyn, you ROCK! Thanks to Cholos for supplying the bowl, and Dreamland thank you for building the best creation all over the world, I love you guys. And to all the ladies, lets do it again!

The Royal Order Winners - All Girl Skate Jam
The Royal Order Winners – All Girl Skate Jam