2010 Man Am Results

Jason and Dave at 621 and Shred Fest Entertainment put on what may go down as the best contest ever! Props to everyone that helped and participated- the judges, the 2 MC’s, all the rippers killing it, the bands, Jim Beam, the tattoo artists the strippers but especially Dave and Jason for showing everyone else in the game how to be proper shop owners and truly give back to their skate community!

21 to 30
1st Frank ‘The Tank”Faria
2nd Blake Svendson
3rd Josh Mattson

31 to 40
1st Ryan ‘Meat Juice”Carpenter
2nd Allen (last name?)
3rd Rob Garcia

41 to Death
1st Bruce Rodela (self promotion?)
2nd Jeff “Fejj”Hedges
3rd Andrew Noggin

Best Trick- Ben Stockinger (blunt slide to fakie down the escalator)
Best Boneless- Demarcus James
Best Slam- Jared Thomas

Props to Weirdo Skateboards, Vertical Smile Skateboards, NHS and Skidmark magazine for throwing down for this event- you guys rule!

Our favorite photographer Christian Erickson has some great photo’s up at Stick It!

go here now- http://stickit-ce.blogspot.com/