As you probably already know, our chief photographer and road trip/session instigator Ray Zimmerman went down with a severely fractured ankle and had some rather serious reconstructive surgery. No doubt MRZ will be back on board and back behind the lens as soon as he is able, but there are more pressing issues afoot here, to make a really bad pun. Ray is a solid family man, and a professional commercial photographer. His work days consist of being on his feet for 14 + hours at a clip, and for the immediate future this is out of the question. Financially, with medical bills, and lost work time, this is a huge burden on the Zimmerman family, and we are looking to help Ray and his family any way we can. We are currently planning a benefit/session/jam for July, and in the meantime we have set up a paypal account and a p.o. box for those of you who are able to make a donation, but might not be able to join us for the benefit event.
Even the smallest donations are gladly welcomed, like they say, every little bit counts.

here’s the info. that is needed for contributions well wishes :

paypal acct. –

mail to – MRZ Photography
5318 E. 2nd Street #301
Long Beach, Ca. 90803-5354

*please make contributions out to Ray Zimmerman

*the underlined is important due to all the restrictions on business/personal accounts. The mail has to be addressed to MRZ Photo & any contributions to Ray Zimmerman.