This park is what the city of parks needs.

About the Fundraiser,
On June 21st we are having a fundraiser for the outdoor skatepark in Janesville, WI. At around 4:00 we will be having a skateboard/longboard run that will be approx two (2) miles long. The run will end around 7:00 or 8:00 at the Hhffrrrgghh Inn and there will be a handful of live bands playing. So far the lineup includes: Mountail Lions International, Mother Noose, The Bitter Half, Nitemare Hippie Children, and Stux. Information can be found about the bands via my friend list and a click. More details on other bands to come. If you or anyone you know has something to donate or even help move some equipment or be a bouncer/money-taker let me know.

$5 at the door, thats the fundraiser.

Mail for info: rastachefd03@aol.com