JEFF HO of ZEPHYR PRODUCTIONS and the creator of the Zephyr Competition team of “Dogtown and Z-Boys” fame, will be making a special appearance to sign autographs and promote the launch of the new issue of Juice Magazine on Sept 14th at RED DOG’S located at 5 N. Lumina Ave in Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480. This is an all ages event. Limited edition collector surfboards and skateboards will be on display. Complimentary copies of the new issue of Juice Magazine will be given to all those attending. This is Jeff Ho’s first trip to the East Coast. Meet the legendary JEFF HO in person on Thursday from 7PM-9PM.

Known for his distinctive designs and innovative style, Jeff Ho has been a seminal force in the surf and skateboarding worlds for more than three decades. After creating his first skateboard at age 8, he went on to craft his first surfboard at age 14. His passion for surfing and desire to find a board that performed to his standards led to a new obsession – designing and building custom surfboards.

Jeff Ho began building surfboards in his garage, re-making old boards he found on the beach, but Jeff had his own theories about how a surfboard should look and perform, and his ideas were far from mainstream. In 1966, Jeff found a new home at Robert’s Surfboards in Playa Del Rey, where owner and local legend Bob Milner took Jeff under his wing. Using Bob’s tools, Jeff learned how to repair and then how to build high performance boards, from start to finish. The second board he built in Milner’s shop was unlike any board before it: a swallowtail board. This innovative split-tail design would become a hallmark of his creative work. With new ideas and more inspiration, he began designing and building shorter, lighter surfboards in various underground surfboard factories all over LA, and was a major force behind the short board revolution.

Jeff was also one of the first in a long line of surfers to ride the waves at the Venice Breakwater and the now infamous P.O.P. Pier. Where he pioneered, others followed. As people became more familiar with his surfing and his handiwork, Jeff formed the original Zephyr Surf and Skate Team, which evolved into an award-winning competitive team that spawned an array of young talent including Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Shogo Kubo, Paul Constantineau, Allen Sarlo, Peggy Oki, Nathan Pratt, Wentzle Ruml, Chris Cahill, Stacy Peralta, Jim Muir and Bob Biniak. The team eventually grew to more than 30 members, 12 of which (including Jeff) were featured in the critically-acclaimed documentary, “Dogtown and Z-Boys.”

Jeff began selling his custom-made boards from his truck at the beach and at several local surf shops, including one on the corner of Main and Bay Streets then known as Select Surf Shop. As his boards began to sell more rapidly, Jeff decided to purchase the shop himself, and in 1972, Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions opened its doors.

With the invention of urethane wheels, the art form of skateboarding began to take shape, and Jeff was once again on the cutting edge of design and innovation. He created the original Zephyr skateboard, which would become a standard in the skateboarding world and would be imitated time and again.

Today, Jeff Ho’s legacy lives on. Jeff continues to surf, design and build surfboards and skateboards, and still chooses to do most of his artwork by hand. Jeff’s unique designs are known around the world and his boards are considered collector’s items. Jeff Ho will also be doing autograph signings at the Surf Expo in Orlando, FL on Sept 15 and Sept 16th. Jeff Ho’s next Zephyr surfboard and skateboard art museum exhibit will be held in Tokyo this winter.

Jeff splits his time between his homes in LA and Hawaii and is currently the Surf Editor of Juice Magazine, a popular publication that covers surfing, skating and music.

Jeff Ho has continued to surf, shape and build boards throughout his life, making the Zephyr brand one of the most legendary names in skateboarding and surfing.

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