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Skater Made Films presents: “STC2: CONCRETE DREAMS” Description: This skateboard film continues where the last one left off. Yet, in this NEW volume the spots are the stars. The skateboarders are the sub-plot. Enjoy the fruits of labor, from those who put the labor in love. Starring; The Jet Inn, Wilderness Bowl, Street-Style, Venice Beach Skate Park, Round-walls, Vans Combi Bowl. Interviews: Steve Van Doren, Blake Spinak, Jesse Martinez, Geri Lewis, Bruce Thomas, Pat Olsen, Chris from Sonoma, Pat Ngoho, Ray Flores, Eric Britton, Mark Jones, and Christian Hosoi. Skateboarding by: Pedro Barros, Bob Burnquist, Cab, Carson Cornett, Ben DeAvies, Connor Getzlaff, Rune Glifberg, Jeff Grosso, Todor Harizanov, Omar Hassan, Tony Hawk, Neil Heddings, Christian Hosoi, Brendan Keavney, Mike Kresky, Bucky Lasek, Jesse Martinez, Chris Miller, Brian Patch, Alex Perelsen, Duane Peters, Ben Schroeder, Blake Spinak, Chris Swanson and many more.. Music by: Chum Ruckus, Ill Repute, Tha Conclusion, Luicidal, PRB13, DJ Samurasta, The Shrine + more. DVD available for $12.95 plus shipping and handling. Approx. running time: 64 minutes.

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