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Random Shorts DVD RANDOM SHORTS is mostly a collection of skate clips and various road trips we shot from 1999 – 2004. Basically we went through the boxes of tapes we had laying around and put all the lost gems we wanted other people to see on one DVD. Skaters: Danger, Cody Boat, Jimmy Moore, Chet Childress, Tony Farmer, Peter Hewitt, Steve Bailey, Sam Hitz, Carter, Rodger Seliner, Greek, Dan Drehobl, Evan Becker, Shorty, Rotce Nelson, Matt Mumford, Steve Roach, Craig Johnson, Randy Hanford, Zac Hudson, Darren Navarette, Mike Bato, Dan Zimmer, John Veit, Ryan Johnson, Tony Trujillo, Matt Galardo, Salba, The Five, Preston, Lance Mountain, Pete The Ox, Jay Iding, Shaggy, John Cardiel, Greg Goodfellow, Sperm, Bobby Puleo, Tyco, Blake, Julien Stanger, Germ, Merk, Crazy Joe, Science/Mika, Ed Peck, Limo, Ryan Wilburn, Lincoln Nass, Modesto Kid, P.R. Matt, Al Partanen, Jack Fitz, Dan Tag, Ivory Serra, Mark Hubbard, and others.

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