Lancaster County Skatepark - Lancaster, PA.

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Lancaster County Skatepark - Lancaster, PA.

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Lancaster County Skatepark
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1050 Rockford Road
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From Lancaster: follow Duke Street south through the city. As you leave the city, you will cross over the Conestoga River. Bypass the park entrance after the bridge and make the next right onto Eshelman Mill Rd. Follow the perimeter of the park for about 1/4 mile. You'll see the parking area and signs on the right-hand side.topFrom Quarryville and South: follow Rte 222 north towards the town of Willow Street. As you approach Willow Street, turn right at the second stoplight onto Eshelman Mill Rd. Follow Eshelman Mill for about 3 miles. Bypass the first park entrance and cross over the old iron bridge. Go past the Environmental Center and past Golf Rd. You'll see the parking lot and ballfields on the left-hand side. Note: School busses cannot get over the bridge and into the park on Eshelman Mill Rd. Height limit: 13'6", weight limit: 6 tons. Please call for further directions.


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(717) 299-8215

Full Pipe. Thats all I need to say. A quarter acre in the Williamson Area, the oldest area of the 544-acre, Central County Park. It includes a Snake Run of nearly two hundred feet in length; three oval bowls with depths of 4', 6' and 10' and with stainless steel, round coping; and a full pipe, sixteen feet in diameter and twenty-five feet long. This unique pipe, which is a marriage of half-inch-thick steel over shotcrete, is the only one of its kind in the United States. A meandering entrance path of some 600 feet and two curvi-linear, concrete benches may be skated as well. Design: This free-form, concrete structure was built in the Fall of 2000 following over two years of design and work with local skaters, the greater Lancaster design community, Lancaster County and City officials, and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA-DCNR), Bureau of Recreation and Conservation. (6/15/2006)I went to this park about a month ago. I was really looking forward to checking it out because it looked really sick in all the photos and it is the type of park I tend to like. In my opinion this thing is junk. It has got to be the most deceiving bullshit in the world. You look at it and ask yourself how can something so good looking be so bad? Well it is all in the transitions, none of them are the same. In the smaller (~6') of the two bowls with the full pipe in between the tranny would have any where from 0-6" of vert. I can not imagine that this was intentional due to the size of the bowl. You drop in with vert and you go up the other side and get thrown off with the lack of consistency. Seems ot me that they had the right intentions but then they messed it up by not having professional bowl builders come in and do it. A for effort and F for execution. If you happen to be within a 15 minute drive of it I would say go. Tops I would drive for it is 30-45 minutes and then I know I would be really disappointed when I got there. Please feel free to tell me I am full of shit if you think I am but I know I am not. - T.M.


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If i could rate this park a negative number i would. Tranny can best be described as hand troweled by Stevie Wonder in an earthquake. Every sq inch of this place is different. You kinda have to skate it to understand how bad it is. But its so far out of the way its barely worth it for the laugh. They should blow this place up and flip the metal top of the full pipe over and let people skate that. It would be way more fun. #JUNK
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I agree 100% with the other reviews. The unprofessionally built transitions are extremely dangerous and seem to be buckling at the bottom. The finish is very rough in spots. There seems to have been some attempt of "trimming" some of the lumpy spots, to no avail. I'm shocked this place hasn't been bulldozed by now, or filled in like many of the historic 1970ish parks. This place was a complete disappointment, and I think should be a bikes only park; I don't think that would hurt any skaters. Nearby Overlook is a much better alternative, even if it is pre-fab. No helmet/ pads required there either.
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This is the most deceiving park in the world. It looks super fun and I was stoked to go but it sucks. Every transition is lumpy. The bowl is super lumpy and kinky. They had a great design and had some concrete company that doesn't know anything about skateboarding build it. It SUCKS.
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Do not waste ur time going to this place. Went here totally stoked and it was awful.
Every transition is different and lumpy. The bowl is lumpy and sucks. Pro skaters came in an designed this place and then they got some cement company that doesn't know anything about building bowls to come in and build the place.
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