Dust Devil Park Skate Plaza- Phoenix, AZ, USA

Dust Devil park Skate Plaza is one of Phoenix’s many “pocket”-sized skate plazas. This one is about 5000 feet of concrete obstacles, mostly “street” styled elements, with a few of the strange-and-unusual variety thrown in to the mix; most notably, the taco-shell-shaped wedge (with a ledge built into the top, and round coping around the edge) that defines the far end of the plaza. There are also a few curved steel benches, two “normal” (straight) steel benches, a couple of flat bars, another taco-shaped “pocket”, and two medium-sized quarterpipes that are staggered down the central walkway. It’s a fun little park with weird and unusual features that makes for a slightly more challenging park than you’d normally find shoehorned into such a small space. -Bud Stratford, Everything Skateboarding/Concrete Disciples, Saturday, February 10th, 2018.