Bagdad Skatepark – Bagdad, Arizona, U.S.A.

  Bagdad is a small mining town approximately halfway between Kingman and Wickenburg, about fifteen minutes east of US 93. You’d be surprised to find that there’s a skatepark there at all; I sure was. It’s a tiny little skatepark, maybe 1500 square feet, all concrete, with a super tight, 4′ high, boob-shaped half-bowl to one side, and a 5′ tall, medium-sized quarterpipe at the other end. In between, there’s a short pyramid, a pair of “nipple” shaped obstacles (I swear to God, I’m not making this up; GoogleMap it if you don’t believe me!), a bench, and a curb-height box/manual pad. It’s not much to skate, but considering that Bagdad has zilch in the way of real street skating, and the closest town is at least 45 minutes away, these kids are probably pretty happy to have anything at all. If you do happen to swing by, make a point of stopping at The Diner On Main (on the corner of Main and Lindahl), a legit ’50s-era diner that serves some pretty good eats in a retro-cool atmosphere! -Bud Stratford, Everything Skateboarding/Concrete Disciples, February 4th, 2018