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Gather 'round grommets and let me take you back to a time called "the early 2000's" when skateparks started popping up in small towns, but clearly hadn't had anyone who skateboards involved in the design phase...

Honestly, for that early oughts boom, this park isn't NEARLY as bad as some, but you don't have to look much further than the rails running down the banks on either side to see the kook factor at play. The transitions are smooth enough, just really oddly laid out with more space than you'd want in the triangular portion and just not quite enough in the small pocket to really get a good mini-ramp feel going. If you're in the neighborhood you have some great parks to hit a dozen miles in almost any direction. I wouldn't go so far as to say "avoid at all costs," but if you're coming into Snohomish County on a mission to see the parks, I'd put this one pretty low on the priority list. Neat town and all, nice locals, but just not a very inspiring park to me.
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