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What can I say that Dan hasn't?! Well, maybe a few things from the local yokel's perspective.

Mill Creek is a park of great intentions with an unfortunate level of execution. The street section (standard DVA disclaimer: I'm a bowltroll. Take my opinions with a grain of vert) has a few interesting looking features but laid out rather oddly. Examples being the top deck with a two stair and a mannypad/ledge with almost no room to roll up to it, or a nice looking stairset with dual ledges and a rail but with a downhill slope running into it for no practical reason.

As stoked as I was on the bowl when it was built, I realize now that it was due to a lack of things like Arlington nearby to compare it to. The transitions are pretty steep, even in the 3 foot shallow end, but feel a bit more natural in the deep. At 8' max, there's nowhere you can't drop in here, but unless circling the drain is your idea of a good time you may struggle to find more creative lines. For some reason between the pitch of the shallow end and the size of the coping (chunky) I've never really had the best luck getting my grinds down here, but some locals actually do a killer job of using the wide corner as a bit of a mini ramp. Frankly, the Zumiez HQ is only about 10 minutes away, and Walter E Hall is about the same. Either one would be a better bet for the entry level ripper.

Also, be warned... Mill Creek is Yuppiesville USA and this park is in the kind of sports complex which defines "rich kids' parents' vicarious dreamland." While the actual locals are pretty rad, it's far from uncommon to find an entire little league team, or their younger siblings riding tricycles in the bowl or just plain running around. On the plus side, I mean, there's a legit concessions stand on sight and soccer mom's about, but... Yeah... Yuuuuuhhhhh-peeeeeees.
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