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Washington Skateparks S skateparks 867
The street section is just a funbox, but the ledges and rail are at a pretty good height and can be kind of fun. The rest of the main park has really nice flow. It only takes a few minutes to figure out the good lines and you can't really notice that the concrete is a little bumpy at speed.

The mini ramp tranny is steep, and rough, kind of hard to skate, and the bowl that it connects to is bumpy as hell. I have never encountered bumpier tranny in my life. The park also feels crowded pretty quick, because most of the good lines flow around the entire park and intersect one another. Bikers don't help that either. Lots of little kids come during the day too. Its also not in a super nice area, so coming at night can be a little dangerous. I've only had to leave once though.

All in all, a sweet park if you like to pump and grind around, when its not crowded.
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