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Another Perkiss-Rose park, and honestly, not their worst work by a long shot. Been many moons since I was a local here, the end of my street skating phase, but even then this park never really spoke too much to me. Most all of the terrain works as it should to some extent, and the 3 to 4 stair/six stair portions are great for those learning how to huck themselves down, but this is yet another park that was a gem of it's time that was quickly outclassed when Perkiss got pushed aside and Grindline became the local legends they are to this day. There's 3 banks, one with a straight hip and one with a three sided face that is pretty mellow for learning your popflips on. The pic-nic table is a pretty decent height for where it is, and they did a good job of making sure you could get a line to pretty much anything you want to hit. My biggest gripes aside from the complete and utter lack of ANY tranny (seriously, would a mini-ramp in the back where the kids go smoke have been too much to ask!?) was always the Perkiss-Rose trademark... Coping on ledges. I get the angle iron being the saving grace for years of shred, but where in nature am I going to find a planter with a 3" round pipe on the corner?!

I will say though, some of the raddest locals I've ever had the luck to know have called this place home at one point or another. From the late Don Grant (RIP) to his legacy Fucko crew this place is there for one of the most boring towns around. Another park I wouldn't tell anyone to avoid for any specific reason, but can't honestly recommend going too far out of your way for unless you're going to Arlington and your crew wants more street to skate.
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