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DVA Disclaimer: I am to street that which an old guy is to... Well, skating street. That and the day of my visit saw a very rad Skate Like A Girl session going on in that end of the park. At least a hundred groms getting some good direction made it a bit hard to get the best lay of the land, but the street section looks pretty gnarly and was spoken of highly by the locals I sessioned with.

Jefferson Park is a destination in a few different senses of the word. Featuring a lot of amenities for the local community right off of the I5 and has one of the cooler views of the city on the south side. Keep this in mind when parking, the lots are designed a lot like Lower Woodland, and parking can be a bit hectic. As stated, the street section seems like it's worth a drive to see. Ledges, rails, stairs, dishes, banks, and gaps a plenty with what I'd call a good spacing to maneuver.

The bowl is another killer Grindline gem. Laid out in such a way that you can start small, go big, and get right back without ever feeling lost in a corner or struggling for a smooth pump. The main drop in is in a 3' foot corner dish with pool coping which has a roll in a 5' rectangular section with a deathbox on the back wall and a spine connection to the larger side. There's a great mix of pool and standard coping in the medium section which is about 6' tall aside from an 8' bank wall. This part of the park dumps wonderfully into a 10' (or more?) squared section with pool coping all the way around. Plenty of video footage of countless folks including Tony Hawk himself launching out of the deep end. I have to admit overhead stuff is a bit over my head, but I had no fear getting up to the coping. The bowl rode well enough to feel comfortable even on my first visit, and trust, it's the first of many.

Also, I have to point out that the locals here are by far some of the coolest I've met. One guy was absolutely ripping, spotted me riding a set of Bombers and as soon as I came out of my first run he was handing me his board to try the SPF's he rides as my 87a's were robbing my speed. Quite the gesture in my book, and after running up to Unkown in Marysville for new urethane, I can attest the dude was spot on.
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