Blaine Skatepark - Blaine, Washington, U.S.A.

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Blaine Skatepark - Blaine, Washington, U.S.A.

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Blaine Skatepark
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610 3rd St.
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3rd & G Street (behind the library)


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The concrete at this park is very slick and it is hard to stay on your board without slipping on this ground.


It is, for the most part, a pre-fab park. It is a wooden built park BECAUSE the duder who designed the thing believes that 1) concrete sucks in a way that you can't ever change it and 2) people (he) want(s) to change the park up to keep it 'fresh'. Duder, a bmx'r, also said that he didn't get jiggy with traveling to other parks and that traveling, in the end, sucked rocks. He can believe what he wants, but as far as I know, skaters WANT to travel. Skaters want to hit different spots, meet different people, etc. And why doesn't the mini go to vert? I mean, it's already 7-8' tall, why not go bigger? Probably because bikes don't need vert to get air.

Anyway, my 2 cents on it. It's for kids. BTW, the ramp is/was surfaced with some sort of funky-ass rubber. ie; it expands when it gets hot. I have 99a wheels and was sliding all over BUT you WILL stick if you wear kneedpads and try to slide out. AS IF that makes any flaming sense! Serious. Gotta get used to rolling or skating real carefully. AND it is true. The concrete in the 'street' section is incredibly slick and the grind rails are set in the concrete. Trying to pump on the flatground, just doesn't work well. It reminds me of that old Tempe, AZ contest that Thrasher covered. I believe their quote was, "like snot on ice". It's pretty darn close. Destination? HA! It's a touch better than Bellingham but I'd skip both and go straight over the border.


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