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So there is a huge difference now in what Johnson once was, to what it is now. Out of all parks in vermont I think Johnson is the most unique one due to how many people have been involved with the building and up keep, and how many times it has changed (features taken out and features added). These picture here are pretty old and a majority of these features don't even exist anymore. Big shout out to Richard Bowen for keeping it fresh the last several years and finally getting some concrete poured this past year. As far as variety here, the features here out pretty out of this world and influence you to skate like you normally wouldn't. If you stick a trick here on anything its going to feel way gnarlier than it would on a perfectly crafted concrete park. This is because the main riding surface is pavement (asphalt) and the ramps are generally made from recycled materials and have that DIY style of perfection. Super fun place to skate!
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