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  • Logan Skate Park - Logan, Utah, U.S.A.

Logan Skate Park - Logan, Utah, U.S.A.

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Logan Skate Park - Logan, Utah, U.S.A.

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Logan Skate Park
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600 W 500 S
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Logan is located North of Salt Lake City and Ogden Utah.From 1-15 Northbound, take exit 364 through Brigham City towards Logan. Drive 28 miles into Logan. You will find yourself heading North on Main street. Left on 400 South. Left on 500 West. The park is at the corner of 500 West and 500 South next to the waterslides. It looks smaller than it is from the parking lot.


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This park is considered the best in the state by everyone I talked to. It's a nice park; smaller than Sandy, but definitely better. There are some big walls that go up to vert. The highest wall in the bowl is about 8' high. There are a couple horsehoe-type square bowls that you can roll into with speed; one is about 7' high, the other is about 5' high. The latter is separated from the enclosed bowl by a spine. The closed bowl is sort of trippy. It is square (no big, round bowls in this park, only big squares) and elongated. The shallow can be skated like a mini-ramp. I had a hard time finding any carving lines through the bowl, but there was one local guy that was absolutely killing it. He had no pads and no shirt, so he said he was taking it easy, but his big airs over the hips and gnarly transfers said otherwise. So the place can definitely be skated well. If you like square bowls, this place is for you.

The city takes pride in this place and is thinking of expanding it. (They are strict about keeping bikers out, because they don't want them chipping up the 'crete.) While I was there they had a convention of city officials from all over Utah and Las Vegas come by to look at the park to get ideas for parks to be constructed in the future. (The guy from Vegas was candid about the fact that the parks there are not very good.)


Logan Skate Park - Logan, Utah, U.S.A.
Logan Skate Park - Logan, Utah, U.S.A.


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(Updated: March 14, 2015)
amazing park but the skaters there are annoying af
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Definitely one of the better parks in the State, Logan Skatepark was a long time coming. I remember supporting the original proposal with the two local skate shops and the Mayor's office as a high school kid, so this is pretty satisfying to see.

The park itself is very well designed. The transitions are smooth and right, the surfaces are well maintained, there is a mix of coping, metal, and bare concrete edges, and there's an interesting square corner bowl that is challenging.

Because this park is so popular, you have to be careful when skating the large flat in the center, as it's easy to cross wires with some one else's run, and end up with a concussion, or worse.

No bikes allowed.
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