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next to the skatepark there is a covered basketball court. in about 2000, kids started bringing grind boxes, wedge ramps, and quarter pipes out here. pretty soon the court belonged to skateboarding. everyday there was someone here to skate with. not only that, it was lit! 24/7 skate action. within a few months the city had to respond because the displaced basketball players had no courts. they proceeded to build a very poor designed skatepark, fenced with limited hours, full pads required! as you can see the mini-ramp originally had vert, and the bank was way to steep, and everything was kinked at the bottom. we tried to skate it, but most people just lost interest and went back to the streets. some years later the city came in and added a few near features, and poured inside the mini ramp, put 7" steel coping on everything (including the bank) and a few other strange obstacles. overall the park is better now than it was in previous years, but still very strange. there have been some minor tweaks to the park by local skaters which is great to see the kids getting creative!
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