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A day in the Park w/ Collective Culture -- Hawaiian Gardens
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Prefab metal ramp that gets dangerously hot to touch on hot days, and ramps are in need of repair/replacement. A mix of banks, pyramids, quarter pipes, and some awkward rails. You can roll around for a few minutes, but don't go out of your way. Gated with a high metal fence and weird hours. One of those parks that opens after school gets out and never opens on holidays (when kids have day off from school, go figure *eye roll*.) There is a basketball court in same park that sees more skate action due to limited skatepark hours.

I think I've successfully convinced this city to add a remodel of this park to their capital improvements plan, but there is no budget (so I'm told.) If anyone is reading this has connections with a deep-pocketed organization looking to do some good in a worthy neighborhood, this would be a great project to take on.

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