La Quinta Skatepark - La Quinta, California, U.S.A.

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La Quinta Skatepark - La Quinta, California, U.S.A.

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La Quinta Skatepark
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79120 westward ho
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La Quinta
To get there from say the Upland area; travel east on 10fwy past Palm Springs exit Washington (turn right), take a left on Fred Waring and then right on Adams, then finally a left on Westward Ho. The skatepark is located on the left hand side in the Westward Ho park across the street from La Quinta High School. There is a play area for the small kids as well as other amenities. Come before it gets hot!


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It opened before the holidays. This free park is open at 6am to 10 pm and obviously has lights. Pads are required however are rarely enforced since there is no pad nanny. The bowl is about 6 feet deep in the not so deep end and 4 feet deep in the shallow. Most of the bowl has galvanized steel coping and part has no coping. There is a pre fab pyramid slash not so fun box (brought from the og la quinta park). There are no quarter pipes or ramps to get speed from to access the thing. There is a flat bar near the bowl and a low picnic table for the tech dogs. Also a lauch/spine prefab ramp about 2' high. During the morning and school hours are the best times to skate there. After school hours and at night there are a million snot nosed biker kids at the park. The bowl is fun, fast and smooth but not that challenging. It was built by CA skateparks and I am not sure who designed it.

Well, this is a pretty good skate park just to hang out at. there a little bit for everyone, mostly for the beginners and intermediates. Over in one corner of the park is two quarter pipes about 5-6 ft tall that are about 15 ft apart and makes for a farily nice mini-halfpipe. however there are many complaints about the oversized coping.

As far as rails, there's three. one that is pretty cool, it starts out as a low rail about a foot off the ground, but then has an incline to part that goes up to about 2 and half feet or so. Another rail is a square tubed rail that sits about a foot and half off the ground and has some decent length to it. The last is cool to think about but not very usable. Its a round rail that like a 1/4 of a circle and is about 10ft long or so.

Okay, that last part is the ramp trio thing they've got going on the opposite side of the mini-halfpipe. its a two pyramids side-by-side, one that is about 2 ft tall and the other about 4 ft tall. the ft one as a quarter pipe on one side and a ramp with a rail on the other, however the quarter pipe makes it almost impossible to board slide the rail. the small pyramid doesn't the same but with no rail. On one side of the dual pyramid thing is two different quarter pipes side-by-side, and on the other side is a long but shallow ramp with a place to stand on top.

It's free, unsupervised, and has wooden ramps all around, and I've never seen the pad requirement enforced which is always a plus in my book. All in all, when it isn't a circus over there, its a fun place to hang out if you enjoy street and mild vert.


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