Skatopia - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.

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Skatopia  - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.

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34961 hutton road.
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From The South # I-77 North to Charelston, WV # I-64 West to St Albans, WV # Route 35 West to Gallipolis, OH # Route 7 North for approx. 20 minutes # Left on 124 West to Rutland , OH From Columbus # Route 33 East past Athens, OH to 7 South # Right on Route 124 West to Rutland, OH From Parkersburg # Route 50 West to 7 South # Right on Route 124 West to Rutland, OH --From Rutland, OH (Continued) # Route 7 to 124 west (right turn) through Rutland (in Rutland 124 will turn left) # Keep going straight on to New Lima Rd, follow that road 4-5 miles. # The road will bend to the right, but just before it does, continue straight on to Loop C-60 # Take the first left on to McCumber Rd. # Go about 3/4 of a mile, taking your second left on to Hutton Rd. # Go to the Top of the Hill, You will see the gate.


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Skatopia is an 88 acre farm in SE Ohio Owned and operated by Dictator Brewce Martin. Some like to think of it as a "Commune" well that would be a misconception it is better described as a Dictatorship run by the Tyrant Brewce Martin. Over the years 1000's have donated their time and some money, more time than money though

Skate Features include: The Epcot Bean Bowl AKA The Punisher, 13' deep with 6' shallow left hand kidney, skatelite with Pool coping. The King Dong, a multi ramp spine bowled in with a bit of over vert. Surfaced with steel and Skatelite. Sometimes called the Slicer. The Fullpipe, some have called it the Fools Pipe, this has a 20' diameter and is 40 feet wide, it also has a 6' wide section with pool coping for dropping in on, it has about 4 feet of vert there. The Concrete Right hand Kidney is 9' in the deep and 5' in the shallow, with pool coping, this is in the steel building. It features 7' tranny with 2' of vert in the deep while the shallow is 4' tranny with 1' of vert, it's steep for sure. The Lula Bowl, named after the first skateboarder to die at Skatopia, Lula was a Pit Bull that loved to skate it up, she's buried under the deck by the pump bump that's on the deck. It features a cradle, a school bus, pool coping, school bus headlights, and some metal coping too.

Oh yeah, there's a Skateboard Museum at Skatopia as well. Upwards of 1800 boards ranging from a 1920's home made wooden scooter to the modern day skateboards.

Oh yeah again, Skatopia is open 24/7 and Camping is encouraged, if your cold no problem, there are 13 dogs on the farm to curl up to. Plenty of indoor space to sleep, you can even set your tent up in the barn so it don't get wet.



Skatopia  - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Skatopia  - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Skatopia  - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Skatopia  - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Skatopia  - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Skatopia  - Rutland, Ohio, U.S.A.


Skatopia By Halie Cousineau
As Skatopia's Brewce Martin Hands Over Control, Can Ohio's Notorious Skate Park Be Tamed?


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Everyone has probably gone here or seen it on TV. It's worth going if you are within 100 miles or so. You can also hit the Athens skatepark at the same time. This is not a place to learn how to skate. The terrain, nor the above mentioned Dictator will not tolerate it.
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