Beyer Skatepark - Modesto

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Beyer Skatepark - Modesto
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Forest Glenn Drive at Sylvan Avenue
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Beyer skatepark is one of California's last remaining "locals only" parks. The park is ridden with drugs, violence, and the homeless. Most of the homeless are severe drug addicts particularly to drugs like meth, heroin, PCP, and the stupidest one of them all "K2". The park is a very old, sketchy, steep park. The handrail that runs along a flat wall and steep old quarter is rusted. It features four bowls, a main bowl with 2 sketchy steep pyramid's, a hubba that is impossible to hit (I have to this day never seen it waxed, never seen it been hit). The park has an old sketchy snake run with weird transitions that changes throughout the snake, and next to the snake there is a very small perfectly circular bowl that nobody ever skates. The fourth and final bowl is the one which I have spent most of my time in recently which is a bowl with a spine, this spine is the only quarter or tranny in the whole park that actually has coping. The only street this park really has is three ledges, one ledge is very high and runs straight, the other ledges are pretty good height and have curves in them, one is particularly curved sharply and weird to hit. It seems like these ledges have been made more for roller blades than anything. The whole park is very weird and sketchy, but if you're in for a challenge or a ass whooping from a loc if you say the wrong thing once then it's okay. The park is actually pretty sick because it is so sketch almost like a street spot skatepark.
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Sketch City!
Old, very steep, and super lumpy park. There is no coping just rounded over crete that you can't grind, unless maybe you have 169's and small wheels. Almost all the tranny (4'-7')goes to vert even the short stuff. Most of the tranny is 6' tall. A good size snake run has some lines, but it has some super sketchy tranny near the end so carve at the top and around the end to prevent killing yourself. There is also a large 3/4 bowl area with a half pyramid on the side and a huge pyramid that's VERY steep in the center. There's lines in this area and it's probably the most skateable of the whole park. If you were to skate this place every day you would rip everywhere eles. No place for a rookie! SKETCHY AS IT GETS! I just moved here so I will hit it once in a while because of the challenge. GOOD LUCK!
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