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Alameda Skatepark
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1177 W. Redline Ave.
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It's located on the closed Alameda Naval Base at the far end near the Bay Bridge. Nice view of SF too. It's pretty isolated so make as much noise as you want. Food and drink is far so bring a car. You can take the #50 AC Transit bus which goes right by it.


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A good example of a great idea with so-so execution. Local skaters got together and raised funds to build a park an it actually came through. The design is good but the cement work could have been better. Lumpy banks and weird transitions. For instance, in the bowl one side is steeper than the other. The park is fully skateable though and there are many speed lines. It's a fun cruise around park. Steel coping in various spots, banks, a pyramid and ledges to get your tech on. Not too crowded these days now that the new Berkeley park is open which is much better and smoother. I'd give it a 5 out of 10. Pads are supposedly required but you can get away with just a helmet if Johnny Law is in the vicinity. -Eric Fortner


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One of the first skateparks in the bay area when it opened in 1999, i remember going to Alameda to skate it. Pretty crappy concrete and almost every bank and ramp is different shape, even if its on the same pyramid. The bowl is 4 different sided walls, takes a lot of getting used to. No manuel pad and only a couple of ledges. They just put in a picnic bench and BBQ grill. I would say this park sucks but its open and i like to take my son here to practice. If your a beginner this is a good park. Thank goodness people skate and not filled with bikes and razor dorks.
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Lots of real sketchy tranny and bumps. The cement is worn and pretty rough. Still fun for a quick cruise but its pretty out of the way, not something you want to drive for.
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Endless lines here!
If got there on a Saturday just as the sun was coming up around 6:10AM, and with a nice hangover. Had the whole place to myself until 7:30 and that's when more old school bro's came. By 2:00pm the park was slammed with skaters.

I had a ton of fun here and skated a total of 5 hours even after drinking the night before, that's how much fun this place was for me.

You get use to the rough crete and go with it, it's really not all that bad. The lay out rules here and the lines are forever. The only complaint I have is the 6' deep bowl which I did not skate too much because it's real janky. It could of been a great bowl......

Just go there and you will see. It's not Lake Cunningham, but it's free!

Highly under rated park!
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