St. Charles County Skatepark - O'Fallon

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St. Charles County Skatepark - O'Fallon

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St. Charles County Skatepark
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33000 square feet.
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To whom it may concern,

I just visited the St. Charles County Skatepark - O Fallon, Missouri, United States today and just wanted to let you know that they have changed their hours again. Now, all ages can skate any time from open to close Sunday through Thursday. Then they have their only youth hours in the evening on Friday and Saturday. Just thought this would be good for people to know so they can come skate more often now. Thanks!

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7801 Highway N
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Youth Activity Park7801 Highway N(Park is probably about 30 minutes west of St. Louis) The Youth Activity Park is located off Hwy. N in Dardenne Prairie approximately ? mile east of Hwy 40/61


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(636) 949-7475
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7/30/2007is now open on mondays also regular times and there are lights for skating late and there are bathrooms there they have youth hours there but it is also open to all ages before 3:00-Scott 11-10-2003About a month ago, they started allowing people outside of the 12-18 year old range to skate the park during special times: Saturdays from 9:00 am - 11:00 am - Children, ages 12 and under, accompanied by one parent/guardian (that does not skate). Saturdays from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm - individuals 19 years of age and up. Saturdays from 2:00 pm to sunset - Youths 12-18 years old.

The remaining established times as currently posted will continue to apply to the 12-18 year old youth. from a press release ( "...33,000-square foot skateable surface with multiple bowls of varying depths, a street section, and interconnected beginner, intermediate, and advanced skate areas. The skate park is expected to be the largest such property in Missouri and the first of its kind in the St. Louis metropolitan region."Hours: Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Friday 3:00pm to Sunset, Saturday 9:00 to Sunset, Sunday 12:00pm to Sunset Fees:$5 for an ID card and $2 each day -or- $5 for a one day pass The Controversy:The park is currently only open to kids aged 12-18. However, since the park was at least partially funded by tax dollars, people have complained about the age restrictions - the "scandal" is in the local news journals. I do not know anything about age discrimination, but this sure seems like it to me :) Anyway, the County is looking into expanding the age ranges and will have a decision made within a week or two. So there is still hope for us older skaters.....I am sending you a couple of shots of the skatepark in O Fallon, MO. I was there over the holiday break, I got in my two hours of "old men only" skating as deemed by their screwy hours. This park is awesome, reminds me of Laguna Niguel, and actually has a great flow area too. This park is some of the best crete in the midwest, and huge, I will take this place over Louisville any day. No Bikes!!!!- Jeff H.


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This park is free all of 2019.
They waved the admission fee for the entire year.

The winter hours are from noon to 8 pm sunday - thursday. 12-10 friday and 10-10 saturday.
The summer hours are similar but instead of closing at 8pm sunday - thursday they close at 9pm

The 2 big bowls have changed since these photos were taken. They added features but also took out a few as well as added very large coping which people have not been a fan of [ big coping is only in the two big bowls the rest is fine ]. You should be able to find pictures on their facebook page.

I thoroughly enjoy this park and have been coming here since I was young, I mostly ride bmx but I skateboard almost as much and its great for both. A lot of scooter riders come and enjoy the park.

Theres also an indoor rockwall, concessions and an xbox inside as well as friendly staff [ me being one of them at the moment ]

hope this helps

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This is from the perspective of a quad roller skater:
YAP is my favorite outdoor park in the St. Louis metro area!
This park is massive and its great to work on just about everything.
I like to work on my carvings and stalls when I visit.
The ground is all concrete so I would recommend using your hardest wheels.

There are restrooms and water inside the building.
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