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  • Marshall Skatepark - Marshall, Missouri, U.S.A.

Marshall Skatepark - Marshall, Missouri, U.S.A.

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Marshall Skatepark - Marshall, Missouri, U.S.A.

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Marshall Skatepark
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1538 East Vest Street
from i-70 go north into marshall and ask for directions to the swimming pool at a gas station, then when you see the swimming pool on your left keep winding down through the park area and way back in a secluded area to the right there is a dirt road that takes you to it


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(660) 86-7128
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The local contractors are not "complete retards", they are actually pretty amazing. Construction was halted for about a year, give or take a couple months, due to local politics (park director vs. park board, allocation of funds, etc). Since then, the project has continued to move forward. Construction of a terraced wall, to preserve the existing dirtwork, has recently been completed. This has allowed concrete work to start again. With completion of the park expect decent square footage, a lot of quarter pipe, and all the standards: pyramid, ledges, etc. Look forward to considerable progress during the 1st quarter of 2006 (weather permitting). Technically the skatepark is a still a construction site and no skateboarding is allowed, however, park staff and the contractors are very cool and friendly and as long as you cause no problems, they don't care about people skating. This park could end up being the most unique and fun park in mid-missouri.

This park is no where near finished, so far some of it is amazing and the rest of it is total crap, it has this sweet 40 foot wide vert wall with like 5 foot tranny its so quick its fun, then it has to inclines in a row basically like a couple six stairs with plenty of run way in between,the first slope has hubbas on each side and a round hand rail in the center (absolute perfect measurements) and the second slope has hubbas on each side as well, the design of the park looks decent but the local contractors are complete retards and its not supposed to be complete until 2007


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These photos are old but right now this park is graffitied up. If you want to see what it looks like now click this link.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v6I2VFyhxg.
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Not all info accurate
The pictures for the park are crazy old and don't even show half of the park. I'm going to put updated pictures online at http://marshall.kirksvilleskatepark.com/ on September 25th, 2011.
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