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I'm a huge Evergreen fan boy. Maybe because their parks are adolescent fantasies /moonscapes that are skateable by all, smooth as glass, and a hell of alot of fun. If you can't have fun at one of their parks you are a straight up street dog, or dead. I was here for 5 hours and didn't want to take a break. Everything is under 6' with endless lines. Hips, bumps, spines, bowl corners, flat banks, channels and lips all packed into a single bowl area. There are two ledges and a curved slappy curb on the deck which keep this from getting a 1 on the street rating. There is a pour in place jersey barrier style wall that can surprise you if you are not ready for it. Its a little on the small side but i met the guy who got this thing built and he said there are plans to hopefully add a little more street stuff in the future once they raise some funds. Its located in a grass field down a dirt road away from the main street with some giant trees nearby for shade. Hopefully I will pass by this place again in the near future.
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