Oviedo Skate Park - Oviedo, Florida, U.S.A.

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Oviedo Skate Park
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1608 Lockwood Blvd.
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From downtown Orlando take the 408 east then 417 east toward sanford. Get off Red Bug Lake RD. exit, turn right on Red Bug. Take Red Bug all the way, Red Bug turns into Mitchell Hammock, follow it tell it dead ends at LockWood RD. Turn right on LockWood about a quarter mile in the Right side will be Oviedo skate park.


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(407) 971-5585
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Another Team Pain masterpiece has been created. This park has it all, from from your backyard pool to the road barrier in the street. Oviedo is one of the best concrete parks on the east coast right now.

The pool is a right hand kidney, 4ft. in the low end and 8 in the deep. The low end goes to vert and the deep end has a foot of vert which features a death box. Under the pool coping is rectangle coping that runs up and down.

Next to the pool is the flow course which consist a deeper left hand kidney with pool coping. The low end waterfalls into the rest of the course that switches from pool block(on all exstensions)to steel coping throughout the course.There are alot of hips and a spine that separates half the course lengthwise.

Now to the street course. Words alone can't even describe this place. There are so many lines and hits. They have a china bank with a granite bench that you can go over. Four long stairs with 2 different size hubbas. Movable flat bars, gap to granite bench, bank to street barrier, manual pads,and the most perfectly pitched wedges to hit as a hip or to a jersey barrier and boxes.

You should definitely check this place out and give thanks to Tim Payne and the crew for this amazing place to skate.


Oviedo Skate Park - Oviedo, Florida, U.S.A.
Oviedo Skate Park - Oviedo, Florida, U.S.A.
Oviedo Skate Park - Oviedo, Florida, U.S.A.
Oviedo Skate Park - Oviedo, Florida, U.S.A.
Oviedo Skate Park - Oviedo, Florida, U.S.A.


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Park is RAD. I've lived the neighborhood next to this park since 98 but park was built in 04. Park was made and designed by Tim Payne and built Beautifully. The street section has awesome banks, rails, and even newer skate art donated by Tim himself. Pool Coping in the bowl is about to be redone soon. The Flow section is one of a kind, awesome transition and sweet rails. Park is very large so never really too packed. Offers bmx, and skate but not at the same time, dont worry. no scooters. I worked here for almost 2 years and loved it. Would recommend this park to anyone. However. The city runs it very poorly. Takes a long time to make repairs and jacks people on pricing. Going to skate here is rad, but dont hold your breath from the management.
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This place is worth a long drive, for sure. Great park, built correctly, with a great variety. Nice street course, giant flow bowl, and a right hand kidney pool. Costs a few bucks to get in ($5, or $7 I think), but well worth it. It has lights, and late hours, but call before you go. I drove an hour and it was a bike night- no skateboards allowed at the skate park (WTF?). Trust me, it's good.
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The Florida King of the Flow.. street rules too
This is my overall favorite of any park I have been to including Etnies in Ca. If you get a chance this is a must visit.
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Awesome park that you have to wear a helmet at
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