Oceanside Rotary Skate Park - Atlantic Beach

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Oceanside Rotary Skate Park
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800 Seminole Ave
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Atlantic Beach
North Atlantic Rotary Park. Take Atlantic East to Seminole Go North, Park is at the end of the street on the left.


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(9/8/2006) (Jacksonville FL) is straight up be-yad-dass! I guess I would consider it a flow course/bowl. I've never really seen anything like it. There are four areas that splash into each other: a 5' square pocket extending up to an 8'-9' escalator which turns into a huge bowl wall for carving. The center transitions downward. The other side consists of a 30'+ curved coping that starts at 1' and escalates to 4' (massive goofing off). Opposite that is a weird double hipped highwall (9' approximately with a 5' tranny to 6' flat to a 4' tranny again). The hero of the day was Jay for making it all the way up to rockin' roll smoothly back in. The highlight of the park is a doorway with tranny on the walls. The leeway between the pool coping and the top of the doorway is about 1.5'. Wicked lil' park and it's always empty. There's a lil' gnar shredding local (about 12-13 in age) that is always there rippin' it up. I would drive from Orlando just to skate that park. It's nice having Kona only a few minutes away though. You could spend all day at either park easily. Wish I had some pictures to send you of that park but I don't have any on this pc and the directions are by sight. I couldn't tell you road names. I'll get in touch with a buddy of mine and fill you in on those. I would at least rate this park a minimum 9 for tranny simply because it's that freakin' fun. There really isn't any street. We were only there for 2.5 hours but I could have spent the weekend there just playing in that little concrete wonderland. It's part of a park called the North Atlantic Rotary Park so I'm pretty sure I recall public facilities (pisser if you will) and almost positive there was a soda vending machine within 25 yards.-Brad S.


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Give yourself some time to get used to it if you've never been before but this place is super fun, a little gnarly, and right by the beach. Definitely a must if you're in the Jacksonville area and are into transition skating.
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If you like skating transition, this is a park not to miss. It's got a very creative flow bowl that is not for the faint of heart. Amazing design in a relatively compact space. Some of the locals rip it, too! Perfect park! Oh, I don't think there is any "street" skating there, so keep that in mind if that is what you are looking for.
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AAwsome park, if your in the area difinately worth checking out
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