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Frisco Colorado Skatepark Tour (Evergreen 2019)
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First off, it's called Frisco Adventure Park. that's officially what the town of Frisco calls it. If anyone that can correct it wants to do that...

It's nothing to get excited about really. It's a prefab park built on pretty rough tarmac. I'll provide a couple hours of fun if you can be creative, but I'd skip it and move on to Silverthorne and Breckenridge if you're just visiting and don't have much time.

It's got a long and low rail, a street plaza feature thing in the center, a feature that's 3 ramps angled away from eachother with gaps between them (don't know what it's called officially, sorry), and a 2 paneled pyramid.

It has an 8ish foot halfpipe, as well as a slightly shorter and longer one with a spine in the center. Also has a 3-4 foot one to the side too. Has a box jump as well on the premises.

I go there when I have a few days in the mountains and the other parks around it are crowded and I just want to have a mellow session without getting in the way. If you're only shredding one day then don't waste your time on a generic prefab park and just go down to Breckenridge and Silverthorne, both of those parks were built by Team Pain so they're good.
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