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Lived in Colorado my whole life. Have spent TONS of time riding BMX at all 3 of the major skateparks: Briargate (John L Stone), Goose Gossage, and Memorial.

FIRST I WILL ADMIT THAT THIS IS THE LOWEST QUALITY PARK IN THE CITY (not really bad compared to some pre-fab parks in little towns though)

Now, I think this park gets way too much undeserved criticism. Yes, it is rough, yes it is marked up, not in a great area, hard to find, and a bit small. But it's kinda quirky and fun too. the weirdness of the bowl makes for plenty of opportunities for stuff that you really wouldn't think of at other parks. The little manual pad/fun box thing is a good learning feature for grinding skateboards, and just high enough for bike pegs, although I'd recommend just hitting the box in the corner if you're on a bike. The metal edges of the grinding features really aren't in too bad of shape considering the age of the park. But the best part of this park is the community there. It doesn't matter where you come from, whether you skate or bmx, or how good you are. The amount of respect between everybody there is just immense. Get in someone's way once or twice? "I'm sorry" "You're fine dude" is all there is, and really everyone is friends with everyone. So I find it to be a fun place. If you're obsessed with the perfect craftsmanship of a skatepark just drive another couple minutes down to Memorial and skip this place and don't come insulting our treasured skatepark in front of us. You wouldn't want people doing that to your park.

Lastly: It's right by one of the largest sports complexes in the city, and on like Saturdays during the late spring, summer, and early fall months there's tons of youth sports there. Obviously that means little kids at the skatepark too. Just be warned.

And yes, bmx guys, there are dirt jumps there. They were rebuilt in the fall (2014) and they are pretty good now. Don't expect them to stay that way. Stuff gets weathered fast here.
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