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Easily, easily, easily my favorite park in the state. I had been to it before and after the rebuild, and the difference is night and day. The old one was mostly a bowl and some prefab metal ledges on the perimeter of the park. This new park is a proper team pain park, that combines progressive sizes of features, amazing craftsmanship, and pays homage to the history of Breckenridge. The mining cart is the coolest thing I've EVER seen in a skatepark, and I shredded it for hours. banks, bowls, ledges, rails, stairsets, this park has it all. Oh, and it has a couple marble features in it which everyone knows is beyond fun. All these mountain parks have the friendliest people ever too. They don't care how good you are or where you come from. They greet you with a smile and treat you amazing. This park will obviously only be usable half the year so get yourself out there before it's too late! Highly recommend to anybody.
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