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  • Douglas Skatepark - Douglas, Arizona, U.S.A.

Douglas Skatepark - Douglas, Arizona, U.S.A.

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Douglas Skatepark - Douglas, Arizona, U.S.A.

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Douglas Skatepark
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3500 square feet.
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  • Open
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Concrete/steel ramps
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Construction Info

Unknown. Clearly built in stages by different concrete/prefab ramp contractors.
Unknown. Clearly built in stages by different concrete/prefab ramp contractors.


300 15th St
Postal Code
Very close to the intersection of US 191 and AZ 80 (Pan American Ave and G Ave, respectively); from here, go west to 15th St., and turn left (south). the skatepark is on the left, right in front of the police station. (If you were on the main street, aka Pan American Ave, the skatepark would be behind the police station).


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  Douglas' skatepark (officially "Douglas Skatepark") is a prefab steel setup on a concrete slab, with concrete features around the perimeter. The ramps look like Skatewave ramps to me, and are of questionable quality at best; many of the features are falling apart, while others look like they were terribly designed and executed right off the bat. It looks like a blast from the Google earth perspective... but once you're on the ground, oh my, is this place a bowlful of suck. As far as obstacles go, there is a mid-height spined steel halfpipe (about 5' tall) with prominent gaps in the flatbottom that make it a bit scary to skate; an 8' wide x 4' tall quarterpipe (with a failing bottom lip); an 8' wide 4' tall spine; a large bank ramp; and an assortment of flat and kinked railslide bars. These are surrounded on all sides by a large, poured concrete perimeter that features a bowl with hips; a small quarterpipe; a few ledge/stair combos; and smaller transitioned elements to finish it off. This park was probably built in stages: the steel stuff first, and the concrete features later, almost as an afterthought. While the ramps are bad enough, the concrete bits are far worse. Uneven transitions, kinks, cracks, coping that sticks out much too far- the flaws are many, the good points worth mentioning almost nonexistent. This park was clearly designed and built (very poorly) by rank amateurs that clearly know very little to nothing about skateboarding, or skatepark design. When the crappy, falling-apart ramps are the best (and safest) part of the skatepark, you know you've got a problem on your hands. There are bathrooms directly behind the skatepark, as well as a shade gazebo; the park has lights, but could not confirm if they work or not. In any rate, this park is definitely best avoided, bordering on hazardous to life and limb. -Bud Stratford, Everything Skateboarding/Concrete Disciples. Tuesday, March 20th, 2018.


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