Brixham skatepark - Devon, United Kingdom

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Brixham skatepark - Devon, United Kingdom

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Brixham skatepark
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Designer/Builder is www.gbhramps.comGBH Ramps
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Monksbridge Brixham Torbay Devon
Monksbridge Road

Eager Beavers at Brixham's New GBH Skatepark

May 2006

So you have just been given the official ok by the RoSPA safety guys and relay this message to the local skater loitering on the edge of the park, when you notice at the edge of your peripheral vision a rustling in the bushes. Right on cue, like some covert military operation the concealed skaters of Brixham eagerly emerge from the camouflage of the bushes, board in hand to take ownership of their new GBH Skatepark.

For GBH?s project manager Russ, who designed the Brixham skatepark in conjunction with the local kids, this was the most fulfilling part of the whole project; the kids couldn?t wait a moment longer to session their ramps. This park was a long time in the conception period as Brixham 21 and Brixham Youth Enquiry Service (Y.E.S) struggled against seemingly impossible odds to find a site, almost losing the funding due to time constraints. Thankfully, the local council supported by Groundwork Torbay gave one final push and this sweet little baby of a skatepark was conceived.

If you go down to the Brixham skatepark on Monksbridge Road, Devon today this is what you will find?.a super wide spine/ volcano mini, leading you into a fat hipped quarter. A huge low level pyramid, complete with grind rail and ultra wide flatbank Wembley gap section linked by not just one, but two quarters with a sub box for those bmxers out there to play with. And because size is everything a mammoth flatbank hip with integrated grind box, nice.


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