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Vertical Exploration Skatepark - Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

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Vertical Exploration Skatepark - Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

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Vertical Exploration Skatepark
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November 07, 2009
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Placed to Ride


San Jose Ward, Road 485
This outdoor skatepark is located in the small town of Quebradillas, which is in the northwest portion of Puerto Rico.

I have an update for the Puerto Rico Skateparks:  The former wood and metal Roller Vertical Exploration Skatepark is no more.  In it's place we now have a new concrete skatepark at the same site, that rivals some of the best in Florida, Colorado, and even California.  Thanks to Federal funds, the town of Quebradillas built one of the best parks I have ever ridden, a dream come true for me, since I live near by...

Skate park extraordinaire, Stephan Hauser (Placed to Ride), was the selected bid to build the park and did an outstanding job with the scarce funds.  He used a group of community volunteers, (skater, in-line skaters, BMXrs) from the Roller Vertical Exploration clan such as Jorge Morales, Migue Ramos, Juanra, and many others from all walks of life to maximize the resources and come up with an amazing product. 

The park sits on roughly an acre of land with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.  It has a small street/beginners area that most hardcore street skaters do not like, but that's where they usually stop.  This park is true karma for real bowl riders and surfers, as the upper bowl has a perfect pill shape, which connects via waterfalls to increasingly vertical terrain that flows smoothly from transition to transition and offers a variety of walls and bowls as deep as 12 feet down.  Ride 'till your heart's content...

To get to this park look for PR road # 485 off PR # 2 and head 2.5 miles East from the town of Quebradillas.  You will find the San Jose Chapel, and right across the street hides one of the best parks you will ever ride in your life.

If you surf, you will find good karma here, as there are numerous surf spots nearby.  Have a good skate session before and/or after a good surf!!!  We do...

For more information and directions they can call me at (787)955-5069 or at the shop at (787)895-7900.

Hec (The Bird) Valle
Owner, Birdstown Surf and Skate
Quebradillas, P.R. 00678


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