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Totally disagree with some of the things the other reviewer said.

The big bowl is fun and has tons of lines. It is easy to get to the coping if you know how to pump and maintain speed. However it might be hard to get airs here since you hit the flatbottom quite often. Most of the big walls are around 6-7 feet tall. It feels more natural to just use this to carve, almost like a giant snake run. Although the bow is giant, usually only one person takes a run at a time.

The kidney bowl is much like a backyard pool. Its about 9 feet tall in the deep end and about 6 feet in the shallow. The shallow ends transition is very tight with lots of very so the drop in is a bit jarring. However experienced backyard pool riders should be ok with it. This pool is not for beginners.

I did not skate the street section but it does appear to be very spaced out. There are also some interesting hand rails near the top of the big bowl to help you learn to ollie and other tricks. they are not for skating but rather for stationary tricks.

You cannot eat or drink from box or cans inside. You can however use bottles with caps. There is a seating section right outside to eat and drink. There is also a shower area near the tennis courts if you need that. Also near this area is the registration house to get your membership. Once you have that you go to the skatepark house and pay 500 yen to get in. You must bring your own helmet. They do not rent or sell any and will be out of luck if you forget yours. It looks to be pretty far from the train station so you will have to take a bus from there. If you are in the tokyo area i highly recommend this place. Its very fun.
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