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This is one of the few acceptable French parks, considering most of them are built by people who don't have a clue. Many of them pretend to be skateboarders, but have no idea what a pool is, and hire local contractors who do a bad job.
The trannies here are fun, they go from mini to medium to vert with pool coping in the deep end. unfortunately, everything is connected, which means that one kid on a scooter ruins it for everyone, and you have to wait a lot when there's more than 5 people. It is stupid that they didn't separate the pool part, but they wanted to make sure scooters could get in there too. With all this in mind, remember to:
-as usual, avoid week-ends and wednesday afternoons
-snake as much as you can if you have to, like everywhere in France, scooters , bikes and assorted parasites ruin it for the real skaters.
If the conditions are good , it is possible to camp in the fields around, but you have to hide from the police cars . They usually show up once it gets dark, and the park doesn't have lights. There are a few grocery shops nearby. Lots of lines and transfers are possible here, and some of the locals have it really wired and are good to know. Hook up with a guy named Charles Charbit from the local club called Boarder kids.
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