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Gauthier Lavernhe Air - Photo by Fred Ferand
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I'd give this one a rather high rating, considering the French skatepark standards are pretty low. France is no Oregon or Encinitas. The reason why you should visit this park if you're in the area is that it is the only one in the country to have a pool, which is great fun to ride. Luckily, the street area nearby attract all the scooters , so being able to session is never a problem. (since I 've never set foot on the street section, I can't review it)nYou may have to share it with a few bmxers, who are usually cool and get along well with the skaters. The local crew usually comes from Bordeaux, and the sessions are always good because the skaters are dedicated and out to have fun, no head trips . Everyone from girls like Pauliana Laffabrier (who rips) to young and old guys make this a fun place to hang out at. In the summer, good sessions usually happen during the after-work hours, and on weekend it's anybody's guess since despite being in the south, it can rain a lot. Check the forecast. There is seating around the pool, and its dimensions are roughly 8 feet in the deep end, almost a foot of vert, with a small death box on the left and a mellow shallow end with one (!) stair.
If you are to spend some time in the Bordeaux region, remember that Gujan-Mestras is a seaside resort and you'll have to avoid the rush hours on the motorway in the summer, especially on week-ends. Nearby are the beaches and the world famous Pyla dune which are worth a visit . But this spot should be a priority on your checklist as it is definitely the best one if you're into tranny skating. It is also worth mentioning that this pool was built thanks to some of the few local older skaters.
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