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This is Marseille's indoor park. You have to really check the schedule to make sure it isn't closed or full of scooters or bmxers. Skateboarding is best done here on Mondays Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays after 7pm, the rest is usually free-for-all, especially the horrible week-end sessions where the ratio is one skater for 100 scooters.
If you show up with your kid, just pretend you're watching so you can get in without paying. Once inside, you have the choice between a huge street area, a good, huge vert ramp (except for the stupid , non-vert channel extension in the middle) which is used by about 5 people on a regular basis. It is very solid and not slippery when the management takes time to clean it. The rubber tracks left over by the bikes can be dangerous.If it gets busy, watch out for beginners or scooters dropping in from the lower side of the ramp. I have no idea why they added a lower bowled end to the vert ramp, it is both useless and dangerous. There is also a mini/medium-sized bowl with slippery coping (courtesy of the rollerwaxers) which is good for a few carves. It is obvious that the people in charge of this did not know much about bowl or vert skating. Still, it is a good alternative to have if it rains. Tony
Hawk and his team dropped by a couple years ago and seemed happy. This could have been a great indoor park, instead it is usually a daycare center for kids with a non-skateboarding team in charge .
Check out the vert ramp if you're into that type of skating, the bowl is nothing to write home about because of its stupid design and weird lines.
Make sure you check the above website before going.

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