Pool/street area Finally, France has got a second kidney pool. (The first one being Gujan-Mestras, and it’s the third if you add the prehistoric, 1979 one at La-Roche-sur-Yon). It is basically a copy of the one at Gujan-Mestras, but better. All around vert, a little over a foot, with about a 7 feet radius in the deep, making it a nice little pool, which remains challenging enough for anybody who likes to ride vert. It is pretty smooth, there’s a little kink in the shallow but it is , in my opinion, one of the better places to ride for a tranny enthusiast . The coping is a bit big and rough, but hey it’s a pool after all. Unlike most skateparks in France, it’s looked after relatively well, pretty much graffiti-free and not vandalized . You still have to bring a broom because of the overhanging trees (which provide a nice shade in the summer) and the wind, which bring dust , pebbles and leaves to the bottom. It can also be wet and slippery in the mornings during the winter. The other part of the skatepark is a street course with ledges, stairs and banks. During weekend afternoons it gets the usual scooters and a few bikes, but the skaters remain in majority. And because the pool is all vert, it is never crowded. In fact, most people avoid the trannies. It is a rather friendly and mellow scene, and the place is really recommended. Actually, a few local kids have ditched their scooters and started skating the pool, but the majority of the ones grinding are well over 30/40. This place is totally recommended, and about half an hour from Marseille. There are other parks located in the area, but this one is really good for its size. The city had to fight for the park as the local community thought it would attract drug dealers and all kind of lowlifes, which is the reason the park doesn’t have lights. There’s also a pizza van stopping by every evening, which is great in summertime when the nights are long. For the ones who travel by bus, there is a direct bus between Marseille and Fuveau, and the one coming from Aix en Provence stops in front of the park. It is in front of the city’s secondary school. The fact that it’s located in nice little village adds to the appeal. Don’t miss it if you’re around, except if you want a break from the crowds.