Badlands at Shady Acres - Long Beach CA

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Badlands at Shady Acres - Long Beach CA

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Badlands at Shady Acres
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December 01, 1977
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5555 Long Beach Boulevard, North Long Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California, 90805, United States
Postal Code
Long Beach


  • Private

Owned and managed by Mike and Pamie Cincola

It was open daily from 9am - 11pm (extended hours on weekends)

Excerpt from the Guide to Western Skateboard Parks ,1978:


A special feature at Badlands is the finish for the runs. The entire course has a unique "broom finish" for a smooth ride and super traction.
The first area here is a really outrageous bowl setup. There are ten bowls designed to be ridden in sequence. The first four work together, and their sizes are 4' by 20', 9' by 25', 10' by 25', and 11' by 30'. The next bowl, 12' by 30', has coping. The next two bowls, 18' by 32' and 142' by 30', have one foot of tile. The next one is 11' by 30', and the last two are both 8' by 30'. The first and last bowls can be handled by beginners, but the rest are designed for the more advanced skater.
Next is a snake run 200' long and 30' wide. One side has sharp vertical banks for higher carving, while the opposite wall is more gradually sloped. The end of the run empties into two bowls, but it's Y-shaped at the end to give you a choice of the two and helps prevent massive traffic jams. You go up a ramp and then drop down into the bowl of your choice. The snake run has moguls down the center, and it has electronic digital timing for contests. Movable cones make this run truly versatile, as it can be set up in many variations for everyday changes or to create a new competition course. With runs like these, this park is going to be the scene of some heavy skateboard madness!
And there's more to come. Now under construction is a 30' by 60' warm-up area and a 40' by 60' reservoir. Future expansion includes two swimming pools; one for skating and one for swimming. The pool will have two small water slides and a lounge area for skaters and their guests. That pool is going to feel good after a day at this park! Tentative plans also include a half pipe 80' long, 20' wide, and 13' deep. There is undoubtedly going to be some pretty radical action at this park.
There are two membership programs available at Badlands. The first is a $25.00 charter lifetime membership which includes a $25.00 pair of Z-Flex gloves, plus a personalized photo ID card. The standard membership is $5.00 annually and includes the photo ID card. Special member discount programs are currently being planned and will apply to both forms of membership.
One special note: If you are coming in from out of town and you are under 18 years of age and your parents will not be with you, you must send ahead for the membership and have the release of liability section filled in by your parents and notarized. This is a simple process that your parents can take care of when they go to the bank, and it is necessary for insurance purposes. No exceptions can be made, so get it done because it would be a real bummer to miss this park.
Admission to the park is $2.50 per two-hour session, and the sessions run continuously. The required safety gear may be rented for 25 cents item. The features Cooper elbow pads and Flairco knee pads — per pro shop so you know you're getting high quality products, even in your rental equipment.
The pro shop here carries only the finest in skateboarding equipment, and they feature the best in safety equipment at discount prices. The snack bar, the Country Club Cafe, was originally a soda fountain when it was built in the 1930s, and everything is pretty much original. The original etched glass and brass rails are still in use, and it's just a really neat place to eat. The menu is very extensive, and they feature a complete health food and juice bar, including special choose-your-own veggie a combination sandwich, whole food drinks, custom shakes, and some really tasty carrot cake. They also carry a good selection of hot and cold sandwiches, drinks, desserts, and frozen yogurt. There is an outside lounge and eating area, plus an outdoor game area. Games include pinball, air hockey, video, and eleven Ping-Pong tables. A juke box is also provided, and complete party facilities are available.


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