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2015 Amateur Combi Pool Classic

2015 Amateur Combi Contest
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This years 2015 Amateur Combi Pool Classic was off the hook once again! A lot of new faces in the ranks this year and they left a ringing endorsement of the greatness yet to come. Asher Bradshaw was insane pulling 900’s in his runs from the prelims to the finals. He narrowly beat out Evan Doherty and Kiko Francisco who were all skating at the top end of the professional levels. These kids were in the 14 and under division!!!

The 15+ division had it’s own set of pyrotechnics. These guys are contest ready! They have studied the films on YouTube, they have watched the best of the best to prepare them for what it takes to make it to the top. It takes everything! High airs, techy flip tricks, crazy lines, footplants, hand plants and a lot of guts! Charlie Martin from Colorado was in it last year, but this year he was on fire. His skating is intensely difficult but completely fluid and effortless. Jeromy Green was close behind in second and he took the bionic approach, throwing down technical tricks and big airs all over the place. Iago Magalhaes also left a name for himself here, he came all the way from Brazil to skate his ass off and grab 3rd place.

It was a fantastic show from top to bottom. Vans really has this contest dialed in and it never seems to let up year after year. We’ll be seeing these guys in the Vans Pool Party soon enough.


Combi 2015 Am 14 and Under Winners
Combi 2015 Am 14 and Under Winners

Amateur 14 AND UNDER:

1     Asher Bradshaw
2     Evan Doherty
3     Kiko Francisco
4     Jack Winburn
5     Tate Carew
6     Cash Money Kenton
7     C. J Collins
8     Augusto Akio
9     Roman Pabich
11     Nate Vernia
12     Cedric Pabich

15 and over Combi 2015 Am Winners
15 and over Combi 2015 Am Winners

Amateur 15 and over:

1     Charlie Martin
2     Jeromy Green
3     Iago Magalhaes
4     Travis Rivera
5     Jake Ilardi
6     Trent Bowman
7     Nick Wallace
8     Aidan Dansey
9     Payton Moriarity
10     Lois “Bobo” Kuamo’o
11     Shea Donavan
12     Jackson Stern
13     Justin Rivera
14     Titus Massinello
15     Archer Braun