R’dam Grand Prix of Skateboarding/ Results

Tim Zom wins the 2009 Grandprix of Skateboarding and takes home $10.000 for his efforts. 

He is also the winner of the Best Trick which he nailed in the final seconds of the session. Photographer Jonathan Mehring places first in the Photocontest.

Rotterdam proofed to become the skateboardcapitol of Northern Europe, not only with the Grand Prix of Skateboarding but also with the the possibilty to skateboard the city. As with the past two editions of the WSR, this years Grandprix of Skateboarding also hosted the famous Photocontest. Photographers went all over Rotterdam metroplitan area with groups of their favorite skateboarders in search of the perfect photo. Jonathan Mehring wins the Photocontest this year with an amazing composition of wood, water and skateboarding. During the event the pictures were exhibited on a ship right next to the Erasmus Bridge and only the photographers were allowed to vote for the best picture with support from guest judges Brian Gaberman and Jason Rothmeyer. Congratulations to Jonathan Mehring, who got first, Marcel Veldman for second place and Eric Antoine for the third place.

Saturday started with a little bit of a lot of rain, but the sun came out on the afternoon and made the street course filled with skateboarders from over 22 nations: David Gonzalez from Columbia and his Flip mates Ben Norberg, Curren Caples and Axel Cruisbergh. Amongst the celebrities were also Kenny Anderson from California, Jake Johnson and Dylan Rieder. The Emerica. team stopped by with Jerry Hsu, Aaron Suski and Collin Provost. Soon to be pro ams like Chima Ferguson from Australia, Max Kruglov from Russia and Dylan Perry from Tampa Florida were ripping the course like they didn